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[EPISODE]Hello Goodbye

Betty (America Ferrera), Marc (Michael Urie), Amanda (Becki Newton) and Spencer Cannon attend the funeral of Amanda’s dog, Halston. They are forced to flee the service, when Betty realises that Amanda hasn’t got a permit to bury Halston in the park. Suzuki St. Pierre (Alex Mapa) reveals that Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) is unconscious following the shooting at MODE and that Claire (Judith Light) is the only witness and possible suspect. During a Suarez family meal, Ignacio (Tony Plana) tell Betty to stay in New York as the English food isn’t nice. Hilda (Ana Ortiz) and Bobby mention that they are looking for an apartment, but are keeping it a secret from Ignacio. Hilda then encourages Betty to tell Daniel (Eric Mabius) about her new job in London. While picking out photos for the 100th issue of MODE, Betty goes to confess to Daniel that she’s moving to London, but he interrupts her and asks her to write a profile piece on him for the issue.

Wilhelmina wakes up from her coma to see Connor (Grant Bowler) standing over her. He tells her that he’s been allowed to visit her and reveals that he can’t live without her. Claire also visits and tells Wilhelmina that she wants Tyler’s name kept out of the investigation and offers her money to keep quiet. Marc overhears Betty talking to Hilda about the job in London and sends a text to all the staff at MODE, forcing Betty to tell Daniel, but she discovers that he already knows and he tells her that he is fine with her going. When Betty goes to get her contract release form from Daniel, he burns it in front of her, but ends up burning himself. He tells her that he is angry that she is going and doesn’t want to release her from her contract. Amanda tells Marc that Spencer screened her call and Marc tells her that Spencer is her father, Amanda then worries that Spencer will reject her. Claire talks to Daniel and asks if he has feelings for Betty, which Daniel denies. Daniel then tells Betty that he can’t live without her and offers her a promotion, which she turns down. Bobby tells Ignacio that he and Hilda are moving to a place in the city and Hilda worries that Ignacio will be lonely without them.

Wilhelmina holds a press conference and announces that Claire didn’t shoot her and that she shot herself cleaning her gun. Claire thanks her and Wilhelmina says that they are good. Daniel doesn’t show up to Betty’s farewell party and Claire tells Betty that losing her is very hard for him. Spencer arrives and tells Amanda that he already knows she’s his daughter and that he loves her. Justin (Mark Indelicato) encourages Marc to go talk to Troy and they get back together. Wilhelmina congratulates Betty and tells her that she has ‘big balls’ for leaving MODE. Daniel tells Wilhelmina that he’s stepping down as editor of MODE and gives her the job. Wilhelmina then visits Connor in jail and tells him about her plan to get his sentence reduced. Betty says a tearful goodbye to her family, she is then seen in London where she bumps into Daniel, who asks her to dinner. Betty agrees and asks him if he needs a job as she’s looking for a new assistant. Daniel tells her that he might submit his resume and watches Betty as she walks away.

Hello Goodbye

I’ve had to say good-bye moreĀ  times than I would have liked. But everyone can say that. And no matter how many times we do it, even when it’s for the greater good, it always stinks. And though we’ll never forget what we’ve given up, we owe it to ourselves to keep moving forward.
What we can’t do is live our lives always afraid of the next good-bye, because chances are they’re not going to stop.
The trick is to recognize when a good-bye can be a good thing.

I will never forget you, Ugly Betty. Always in my heart. Love you forever!

(Ugly Betty Episode 4)The Weiner, The Bun, and The Boob

The story starts at Daniel’s office, where Betty is helping him pick a new assistant. As Betty collect papers from around the office to use for submitting features, Betty walks by the reception desk where Amanda and Marc is upset that she ignores them. Betty then criticizes Marc about his shirt (too loud), then bumps into Matt, who asks about about submitting new features for Mode’s upcoming article called “New York’s Ten Most Thankless Jobs.” It appears that Matt and Betty has patched things up. However as Matt approaches Amamda, she tries to make a move on him, but shrugs her off and Marc reminds her that he dated Betty.

When Betty learned from Claire that Daniel hired a sexy assistant named Lexie to take her place, she questioned his judgment about why Daniel hired her, given his past experiences with hiring sexy assistants pre-Betty. Daniel and Lexie seems to not be on the same page as Lexie is more concerned about herself than listening to Daniel.

At Wilhelmina’s, Nico returned home from getting yogurt, only to get a warning from her mother: She will not leave her side, fearing that she will be found out as a murderer. At work, Wilhelmina also learned from Marc that Cal and Claire are having dinner and the rumor that she might be replaced by Isabella, who works for “Vogue France.” As Betty walked in to ask Wili about looking for a assistant to help her, she turned to the one person that is right for Betty…Marc! This gives Wilhelmina the time needed to keep a closer eye on her daughter, whom she uses as her assistant.

The two are not happy about this, even as Marc complains about working under her while Wilhelmina tells Betty that she needs to deliver a feature. They continue to bicker until Marc challenged Betty to confront Daniel on why she got the job. Thats when Daniel and Wilhelmina came clean about the coin toss. Although Daniel admitted that he thought Betty the right person for the job, Betty would get teased by Marc over the coin toss, and when they get their assignment from Matt, he tells Betty that she would be the one doing the jobs, which Marc agrees. However, Marc is standing by while Betty take the dirty jobs. When they arrive at a hot dog stand, the vendor asks the two to dress up, in which Betty is chosen as the hot dog, but Marc is picked as the bun and feels humiliated about it. This pairing is not working out and as Marc confesses about being Wilhelmina’s assistant for five years and that he was better qualified as a features editor than Betty. When Marc tells her about his dream about working for Vogue only to turn it down for Mode, they run into his idol, who recognizes Marc. When he asks Marc about how life’s been treating him at Mode and if he got promoted, Marc tries to be honest but Betty saves him and Marc gets a invitation to join him for a get together.

As Marc thanked Betty for saving him, Betty gets a call that there will be a emergency meeting in seven minutes. But thanks to Marc throwing away her clothes while they were in costume, Betty blames Marc for trying to ridicule her and make her look like a joke and as a cab came by, Betty in costume got in and told Marc not to come along. Marc felt embarrassed at what he did.

During lunch, Wili and Nico run into Cal and Claire, who pitch the idea about doing a cover about vampires, but Wili thinks to herself that its a joke. During the shoot, Wilhelmina makes her feelings known to Nico about this issue and Claire hears this. She agrees and tells Wilhelmina that it was Cal’s idea, then tells her to cut ten pages from the upcoming issue. Claire’s message to Wilhelmina: “Just do your job…while you still have one.”

Also at lunch, Natalie pitches a idea to Daniel about joining a group called “The Community Of The Phoenix,” this after being accused by Natalie for scoffing. Later that day, Daniel gets a lesson about hiring 101 from Betty about who hired her (Bradford) and she explained the reason why she was hired in the first place, Lexie hears this and is not happy. Daniel tries to convince Lexie that he wasn’t trying to seduce her, but when he touched her breast by mistake Lexie accused Daniel of harrassment. Claire is not happy about what Daniel did even as he tried to assure his mother that was just trying explain to Lexie that he only hired her, not to bed her. Later at the center, Daniel and Natalie listen to a speech by its leader, Bennett, who tells the audience about being honest after losing a loved one, even as Daniel scoffs at the speaker. Bennett looks at Daniel and gives him advice about using honesty as way to be open. Hours later at Mode, Daniel, uspet about Lexie treating him like dirt, made his feelings known about why he hired her in the first place, then tells her that she was not cut out to be a assistant and he was not a womanizer anymore. However, Daniel, using that honesty advice he got from Bennett, did tell her that she might have a future as a model, which Lexie took to heart and believed that is where her future was at.

At the reception desk, Amanda sees Matt and tries to kiss him, but she freaks out when she kisses Betty in her hot dog costume. It turns out Amanda was daydreaming and she is still freaking out when she sees Betty in the costume for real and freaking out at Matt as well. At the meeting, Matt convinces Betty to tell Wilhelmina not to cut ten pages from the upcoming issue. So Betty pitched her story and with help from a still in a bun costumed Marc, who performed their pitch from the hot dog stand and suggested a model would be right for the feature, Wilhelmina approves it, giving Betty her first feature for Mode, with Lexie being featured for the article. Betty thanked Daniel for beliving in her as a features editor and Daniel in turn thanked Betty for being honest. Hours later at a coffee shop, Betty showed Marc the article and pointed to the credit that featured his name as the contributor. She then hugged Marc.

Later that day, Wili learned that Isabella got another offer and turned down the job to replace her. When she ran this by Nico because she didn’t bribe anyone at French Mode, Nico revealed to her mother about making a phone call (in french), thus saving Wilhelmina’s job. Seeing how usefull her daughter is, Wilhelmina tells Nico that they might be able to trust each other. But over at the marina, the blood stain that the two missed while they cleaned the yacht a while back is finally discovered.

At the Suarez home, where Justin helps Ignacio with surfing the web for the first time, Hilda is starting to worry about why Archie has not came by to see her. At work Betty gets a call from Hilda about sending Archie a sexy picture by asking her about where Betty put the boots. Later on, Hilda gets a shock from Archie when she learned that she accidentallly hit the reply to all button and sent the picture (featuring her breasts being exposed) to everyone in Archie’s district. This made Archie furious at Hilda and feared that it could damaged his campaign. However, Archie would later stop by the house to show Hilda a press conference that he made as damage control by telling the public that he still loves Hilda despite whatever people think of what she did. All is forgiven as Archie tells Hilda that the picture helped his campaign and they celebrate with a little lovemaking upstairs.

(Ugly Betty Episode 3)Blue On Blue

The story begins with Betty helping out at Hilda’s Beautilities, where she helps Hilda try to get money so Justin can attend private school. Betty mentions to the family that she just been promoted to associate features editor, but at work, Betty is discovering how cruel Matt is treating her when she gets a bean bag for a seat at a meeting. Matt is also upset with Betty over the botched photo shoot and now her job is on the line. However, thanks to a family friend named Sammy, Betty could get the break she might need when she learns of a Dolce & Gabbana designer, Evan York, leaving the company to join Gucci.

Marc tells Amanda about trying to get back at Betty by taking her job, a plot supported by Wilhelmina. So when he learns of Betty’s job being in jeopardy, he gets wind of the interview that Hilda pitched to Betty via a three-way phone call. Marc tries to sabotage it by any means necessary, he finds himself trying to be friendly to Betty while pulling out all the stops to find out how to steal the interview, even after getting a birthday cake from her. Later that evening, Marc discovers Betty avoiding Matt, so he finds her weakness. That’s when Marc comes up with the perfect plan: pair Amanda with Matt for a dinner date at the same restaurant that Betty was going to that evening. To the two, they think it’s just that, a dinner date, even as Marc uses that ruse so Betty can be jealous of Matt while Amanda can get Marc the scoop from Betty, without the three finding out.

At the restaurant, the dinner between Betty and Evan goes off very well, especially with Hilda and Ignacio as waitress and chef. But the evening becomes more interesting when Matt and Amanda show up. Betty and Matt try to keep their distance even as Hilda interferes. Betty is not happy about what Hilda is doing even after lying to Matt about Betty dating another guy. Betty at the same time suspects that Matt and Amanda are also dating, leading the two to become very suspicious of other each and try to one up each other. This reaches boiling point when Evan ends the dinner, followed by Matt arguing with Betty, and Amanda, believing that Matt wanted to date her so she can make Betty jealous, walks out after telling him that she was not interested. After Matt and Betty are brought into the kitchen by Hilda to talk, Betty tells Matt that she tried to get him a interview, but thanks to Matt showing up, that ended all hopes for landing the scoop she then tell Matt that he is a spoiled brat and he is only being a jerk to her because for once in his life he didnt get what he wanted when their relationship failed. Matt in turn admitted that he was wrong about Betty, that he was a little jealous of her happiness and that he might have taken it too far and that he was just being a brat.

Matt later turns up at Amanda’s place to apologize and she accepts. Betty also comes by to apologize, but when she learns that it was Marc who set the reservation, both ladies find themselves in shock after discovering that Marc used Amanda to get the scoop for him. The next day Betty confronts Marc and tells him that his attempts to take her job away won’t work as long as she is still there and that she refuses to be bullied around by him, while Amanda slaps Marc for lying to her about his scheme.(She is also hurt because she thought Matt actually liked her.) As Betty walks by the meeting room, she sees Matt put a chair in place of the bean bag.

Daniel is still healing from the punch he gave Matt (as evidenced by the bandaged bruise that Matt had on his face) when Betty and Claire remind him to go his bereavement meeting. At the meeting, Betty gets proof that Daniel is at the place after he hands over his phone to a woman named Natalie, who then begins to strike up a conversation, which in turn leads to a evening together. As the two visit a swimming pool, Natalie tries to get Daniel to open up about Molly as a way to cap off a perfect evening.

Finally, Wilhelmina gets a surprise phone call from her bounty hunter: He has found Connor! She flies to Bermuda to confront him. While there, she waits for him at the hotel he was staying at. Thinking that he might have left the country again to avoid her, Wili discovers Connor right in front of her. Connor is aware of Wili’s suspicions and then kisses her, believing that she still has feelings for the fugitive embezzler. Unfortunately, Wili comes home empty-handed and consoles Marc over their latest defeats.

(Ugly Betty Episode 2)The Butterfly Effect Part 2

In the wake of Daniel’s return to Mode and handing Megan’s story idea back to Betty, Betty finds herself being under attack from everyone (as evidenced by a fantasy sequence involving arrows and Wilhelmina ready to carve her up), but Hilda brings her back to reality at home. At work, she tells Daniel that she’s not ready, sort of, but at the meeting Wilhelmina challenges Betty to come up with something bolder other than the malaria concept. While looking through her notes she discovers a new and last-minute idea after she sees a piece of cloth on a photo of a model. Wili goes with the idea but causes more bad blood for Betty’s co-workers, especially for Matt and Megan, because they think Betty and Daniel are still a team.

At Daniel’s apartment that night, Daniel’s temper has Betty concerned, even as she tries to help him. He begins to lose it whenever he thinks of Molly and almost throws an object at Betty, but stops. Betty decides to stay to watch him, but at the expense of her co-workers. After waking up late she arrives at the United Nations, where the chaos ensues over responsibilities, as Betty tries to please a designer, feuding models, and Matt showcasing a smiling mosquito. This leads Betty and Matt to argue and when he accuses her of sleeping with Daniel, Daniel shows up and punches Matt. The breakdown would result in Wilhelmina taking over the shoot and Betty relieving herself and Daniel from the set. As they walk away Betty and Daniel talk about what has happened between the two and should move on from boss and assistant to just being friends. Daniel also decides that it is time to seek help for his anger.

At home, after looking at her “blog,” Betty decides to change her image, so she takes the dress suit Christina sent and wears it to work, along with the new glasses to replace the broken ones. When she arrives at work everyone is surprised to see a “New Betty” although Amanda and Marc are still out of the loop somewhat. The “New Betty” also apologizes to Matt about what happened at the shoot, then tells him that she won’t answer to Daniel but adds that she has decided to move on from Matt. She also shows Megan her infamous poncho from her first day at Mode that she now has framed to hang on the wall at her office. As she walks out of the building that evening, she turns down Daniel’s offer to ride with him in favor of taking her own limo.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina runs into a private investigator, who then proceeds to tell Wili about Nico’s boyfriend. This makes Wili more concerned and when she tries to convince Nico to talk about what happened that night when she was raped by Johnathan, which in turn lead to Nico pushing him off the yacht the night of his disappearance. Although they give the detective a false alibi, we learn in flashbacks that they actually went to the yacht to get rid of the evidence that might tie Nico to Johnathan’s demise. The ploy works, except for a small blood stain that is still visible on the yacht.

At home Justin is upset over Hilda talking to Marc. This has Hilda telling Ignacio a way to help Justin, even as going far as trying to start a network social site, which Ignacio thinks is a bad idea, even after reminding her about what she did when she was a teenager with the pregnancy that resulted in Justin. When she visits Marc the next day at work, she changes her tune and allows Marc to be friends. Hilda then later talks to Justin about his situation at school and that he can turn to her if he wants to.

At Amanda’s reception desk she encounters a visitor named Helen, a former receptionist who has just been hired as a temp, and the two strike up a friendship. While at the desk later that evening Helen reveals to Amanda why she gave her job up and when she tells Amanda about her past it pararrels Amanda, and she begins to take a look at her own future. The following day Amanda sees Helen taking things after her temp assignment is finished, which seem to mirror Amanda taking stuff from The Closet. Amanda then gives her the earpiece she uses to Helen as a reminder of their friendship.

(Ugly Betty Episode 1)The Butterfly Effect Part 1

The story begins with a fantasy sequence in which we see Betty taking off her braces, but in reality it was just a dream as Betty tells Hilda and Ignacio that they will be taken off in a few months. Hilda also gets a photo op for Betty and Justin to mark their move up in the world….

…But in reality, they’re about to get a lesson in reality check 101. As Betty begins her day as features editor, she tries to adjust to not being a assistant but this is not working out as she meets her replacement Megan and during a meeting gets ignored by Matt, who as her new boss, hands over Betty’s assignment to Megan. Betty also herself getting the cold shoulder from Marc. Betty also discovers that Amanda is taking stuff from the Closet and also gets the cold shoulder from her too. While she visits the sauna, she runs into Wilhelmina, who gives her a little advice: If she is going move up, then it’s time to change.

Unfortunately, that would be a lost cause. Betty tried to win over everyone at work with muffins, but no one will accept them. After a pep talk from Claire while looking at Daniel’s office, Betty catches up with Matt to see if he still had feelings for her because it might have been the reason he took the job as Betty’s boss. She then kisses him but Matt pushes her away and runs off. After that event, Betty gets a call from Daniel, who was being held face down at the airport as it turns out that he assaulted someone upon arrival. After she bails him out, Daniel tells Betty about they really felt about her at work and even has a daily blog that criticizes her. This has Betty really upset that for the past three years that everyone has made jokes and comments about her.

Betty then goes to seek out her story by visiting a woman who was showing off her insects. But as she gives the idea to Megan, Megan accuses Betty of trying to steal it. But that doesn’t stop there. As Daniel returns to work, he laid down the law at the meeting by informing Matt that as long as he is editor-in-chief, he has the power to make changes, so he reassigns the project back to Betty. This did not set well with Matt, Megan, or any of the co-workers, making Betty a marked features editor.

At high school, Justin is discovering that freshman year just got interesting when he is embarrassed by a group of bullies, leading to his shirt getting stained on. However, when he returns home he keeps mum about the incident. He then later seeks out Marc at work because he looks to him as someone who can understand him. When Hilda finds out his visit to Mode, she confronts him at home but still hid the real truth behind the visit, saying it was to replace a shirt and that Marc bought him another. The following day Hilda comes to Mode to thank Marc for buying Justin a new shirt, only to learn from Marc about what really happened, leading Hilda to lay down the law on Marc. During lunch Marc tells Justin about what happened, and Justin is not happy about it.

For Wilhelmina, she is fretting about her future at Mode. That all changed after a meeting when Cal and Claire told her that they want her to stay. She then tells Marc about why they might keep her, but Marc suspect something else when Wilhelmina began to tell him that she wants privacy, and he later tells Amanda at the Closet that she might be hiding Connor. Marc then heads over to Wilhelmina’s apartment and to Wili’s shock, she sees Marc talking to Nico. Marc also learns from Wili about Connor and her plans to retrieve the money he stole from Meade so she can take over the company. After Marc tells Wili not to keep anymore secrets, Wili then turns to Nico and asks her if anyone else other than Marc knew why she was at the apartment, and as we see the flashback from “The Fall Issue” where Wili dropped her glass and discovers Nico all covered in blood, it’s apparent as to why Wili was keeping this a secret.