June issue


Your feet are literally the foundation of your body. No matter what you do for a living, your total physiology is dependent on your feet. If your feet suffer, you suffer. This is not to say one should forego fashion and settle for a pair of Keds. Past conventional wisdom dictated that fashion is pain – if one wanted to look good, one would have to suffer the consequences. Whoever propagated this fallacy clearly didn’t know from fashion, or from pain for that matter. A well-made stiletto, pump, boot, or sandal should be comfortable as well as classy. There is a lot more that goes into the making of a designer shoe than just cutting out a foot-shaped piece of leather and sewing it to a stick. The best shoes are made to caress the foot, and support each arch, undulation, and pressure point through a combination of luxury and time-tested craftsmanship. There’s a reason why good shoes are so expensive.

More importantly, your feet are also the foundation for your psyche. There is a quiet confidence that comes from brandishing top-of-the-line footwear. One can never underestimate the effect on one’s gait when wearing an imposing Gucci stiletto, or one’s posture when flaunting a patent leather Lanvin pump.

It’s no coincidence that most high-powered women seem to be wearing the best shoes. It’s not that they are in positions to afford it. It’s that they have the self-esteem to believe they deserve it. Power begets power. Confidence begets confidence. Believe that you have earned the right to wear the best, and others will believe it too.


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